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Live Online Singing Lessons

Connect to a Professional Vocal Instructor for live one-on-one singing lessons. No matter what your desired style of singing; Country, Folk, Hip-Hop, Rhythm and Blues, Rap, Pop, Techno, Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues, Jazz, Opera, Lounge, Gospel, Choral, Latin, or Reggae -- Professional instruction will help you create optimum singing practices and produce richer sound than you ever thought possible.

Live lessons are not prerecorded. You will connect directly to a professional vocal instructor and never an assistant. From the privacy of your own home, on your own time, learn how to sing beautifully with a little coaching from a trained expert.

Learn to improve your tone quality, keep on pitch, practice correct breathing, and develop lasting techniques that help you improve immediately and for years to come. Most students show dramatic improvement within just the first few minutes of the lesson!

Personal Singing Seminars

Join us for personal or group singing seminars. Our focus will be inspired intonation. Join us in beautiful Taos, New Mexico. Click here for more information.

You Will Need:

A computer with video capability
High Speed Internet
A web cam
Speakers or Headphones
A microphone
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Instructional T-Shirts

A custom designed singing tool to aide in our innovative instruction method.

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Online Lessons

Live singing lessons from the privacy of your own home. One on one with a professional never prerecorded.

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Tips and Tricks

A collection of articles on singing techniques and performance tips. Written by Leslie Harrington.

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Local Lessons

Are you in Santa Fe, NM? You can take lessons with Leslie Harrington.

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